The heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms struck Skopje

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Discount Moncler Coats Police and cheap moncler coats army helicopters cheap moncler coats searched for the missing and evacuated hundreds from the flood zone.Mayor Koce Trajanovski described the damage as “the worst Skopje has ever moncler outlet online seen.” He said that the deadly deluge created hazardous rainfall accumulations within only 20 minutes.”It was like cheap moncler coats a water bomb has fallen!” he said.Many witnesses have Moncler Outlet described moncler sale that victims drowned after being trapped in moncler outlet uk their houses moncler outlet when torrents suddenly swept through the area.The heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms struck Skopje and its northern suburbs late Saturday. Special police, army units moncler sale outlet and firefighters were sent to the worst hit areas as well as the nearby villages of Stajkovci, Cento, Aracinovo and Smiljkovci.Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgiev told The Associated cheap moncler jackets Press a state of moncler outlet online emergency had been declared for two weeks moncler factory outlet in the most affected areas.Hundreds of homes and vehicles were destroyed by the moncler outlet sale floods, roads were impassable and several areas were without electricity.Skopje city council held an emergency session and decided to provide financial help cheap moncler to victims families, giving 180,000 denars (3,000 euros) to each.After a meeting of the National Crisis Management Center, Health Minister Nikola Todorov said many of the injured had fractures and contusions.Meteorologists said more torrential rain and strong winds were expected later Sunday. They urged people cheap moncler jackets to stay at home cheap moncler and to only drink bottled water.Further north in Croatia, stormy winds have disrupted road and sea cheap moncler jackets traffic at the height of the tourist season.The state news agency HINA says parts of moncler factory outlet the main cheap moncler outlet highway connecting the capital of Zagreb with the Adriatic coast remained closed on Sunday. Discount Moncler Coats

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